How to Import Domains

Importing your domains can be very helpful if you have a batch that you would like to add at once. The domain import process allows you to add tags and notes to each domain. Structure your CSV file with these fields using these titles for easy field mapping. We can send you a sample CSV or XLSX file upon request.

domain,tags,note,"tag1",note for first domain,"tag1, tag2",note for second domain,,note for third domain,"tag3",,,

Important Notes

  • The domain field is the only required field.
  • Domain names must only contain the SLD and TLD. Example: Do not use a third level domain "www" or any protocols like HTTP or HTTPS.
  • If using multiple tags make sure to comma separate them and keep them all on quotes. We suggest using a spreadsheet to format the data, then export to CSV and it will take care of the properly formatting the quotes.
  • The number of records in the document must be within your upload limit for the subscription plan that you are on.

Important Notes:

Importing Domains

Click the Domain Import icon in the top right corner of the Domain List page.

You will see the modal for selecting your CSV file. Click the Select File button and select the CSV file that you prepared.

The next form will allow you to map your fields. Domains are required and Tags and Notes are optional. In this example the import file contains 368 which you will see noted at the top. The three fields below are for domain mapping. Since the names in the import file are the same, those fields are automatically selected and mapped. Click "Import" to continue.

You will see a confirmation banner with the number of domains processing. At this point everything happens in the background. The import time will vary depending on how many domains you have.

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